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Greenblatt & Laube, P.C. evolved from a firm founded by M. Joseph Greenblatt in 1921 and today we are proud to continue his tradition of excellence. We are an AV rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell and listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Members of the firm are admitted to practice before the federal and state trial and appellate courts, the United States Supreme Court, and have been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Civil Trial Attorneys. Bonnie Laube is also certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney.

When you decide to retain an attorney from Greenblatt & Laube, you can be certain your case will be handled by experienced lawyers with the highest integrity.

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  • Issues to Resolve in Your Divorce

    Bonnie Laube - May 1, 2020

    When you are considering a divorce there are many issues that you will have and many concerns to discuss with your lawyer.  It is important to understand that in New Jersey there are statutes that control certain aspects of the divorce and case law – or reported Court decisions – that will control o...

  • The Top 10 Issues In A Divorce

    Bonnie Laube - January 1, 2020

    1.-3. Child Custody , Parenting Time, and Child Support Issues involving your children will be THE most important issues in your divorce. No matter the relationship between you and your spouse, you two must work together in order to ensure the emotional and physical safety and well being of ...

  • Domestic Violence

    Bonnie Laube - April 15, 2020

    All too often in the realm of family relationships Domestic Violence occurs and the victims feel trapped and alone.  I recently saw the poignant and moving film “Precious” and left the theater saddened by the senseless and insidious violence that all too often occurs within a home, shielded from the...

  • Can You Get A Legal Separation In New Jersey?

    Bonnie Laube - April 2, 2020

    Clients often ask me about being “legally separated” and our discussion then goes off in different directions depending on what it is the client is really asking.  Sometimes they want to remain married, but they don’t want to live together.  Sometimes they want to wait some time and then ...

  • Child Support is a Continuing Obligation for Both Parents

    Bonnie Laube - May 2, 2020

    The Superior Court in New Jersey is divided into three divisions:  Criminal, Civil and Family.  Each division handles countless cases each year and, in the Family Division, there are a large number of petitions filed annually involving issues concerning Child Support.  Litigants ask the Court to decid...

  • Yes, There Must Be Some Compromise In Your Divorce

    Bonnie Laube - April 15, 2020

    You learn as you go through life that in most situations there has to be some degree of compromise… so too in a divorce.  Especially in a divorce.  And especially if there are children involved and/or if you own property (real estate and/or personal property). Unlike marriage, which takes two of you...

  • Separated? Getting A Divorce?

    Bonnie Laube - May 2, 2020

    IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS Are you considering separating from your spouse or do you want to file for a divorce?   Do you have financial concerns?  Do you have minor children that you want to see more but they are being kept from you?  Do you wonder what y...